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August 07 2013


Reviewing about Antibiotics Metronidazole

  Metronidazole, the active ingredient of generic Flagyl, effectively fights against anaerobic bacteria and some other parasites. Anaerobic bacteria have single cells, can survive in anaerobic environments with little oxygen and can cause disease of the abdomen, liver, and pelvis. Infected individuals may have abdominal pain and diarrhea. Metronidazole can block some functions of the parasites and bacterial cells, causing their death.

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After birth, both the baby and the mother are still at risk. MSF offers postnatal care and family planning options. “We try to get the women to come back in the first week, and then again at six weeks for a final check and to start them on contraception if they wish,” says the midwife. “Many women want to have babies, but many others would rather not get pregnant.” MSF is currently responding to a high interest and demand for family planning services amongst refugee women, as many of them prefer to avoid pregnancy while living in such difficult conditions.


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MSF has been continual three reproductive salubrity distress clinics in eastern Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley since April 2013. At the result of June 2013 just about 850 consultations had been provided away skilled Lebanese midwives. In Tripoli, Lebanon’s second largest megalopolis, MSF runs a reproductive salubrity watch over program within its clinic at Dar al Zahraa polyclinic, providing more than 450 consultations to Syrian refugees. In January 2013, MSF also started offering family planning services, providing 118 consultations as of most recent June.

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